Math Special EducationTeacher

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Washington, DC

Job description
Location: Washington, DC 20020
Date Posted: 07/16/2021
Category: School
Education: Bachelors Degree

With over 30 years in business, the Delta-T Group has built a reputation for referring highly qualified professionals for rewarding short and long-term contract opportunities.

Our Client is seeking a Special Education Teacher in Washington, DC.

* Create a classroom culture of high achievement and student ownership of student learning that helps foster intellectual, social and emotional development.
* Provide daily instruction, including clear learning outcomes, well-designed lessons and high-quality assessments that align to Friendships curriculum and standards.
* Incorporate into lessons creative hands-on learning experiences that broaden students exposure and interests, help foster student ingenuity and require application of knowledge and skills acquired through daily instruction.
* Provide a classroom environment that is visually appealing, rich with resources aligned to curriculum and standards and honors students achievement with current and accurate displays of exemplary student work.
* Communicate to students to understand their talents, interests and needs and to convey learning expectations and their progress toward meeting those expectations.
* Communicate regularly with families to identify students talents, interests and needs and update parents regarding students achievements and progress.
* Collaborate with school-based staff and throughout the Friendship network in staff meetings, regular analysis sessions and professional learning designed to enhance students learning experience and increase student achievement.

* Bachelors degree from an accredited university
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Minimum of one (1) year of teaching experience and results demonstrating high student achievement and significant growth

* Establish a relationship with one of the nation's largest referral agencies for behavioral-health
* Compensation processed weekly
* Flexible schedule: choose opportunities that best fit your schedule
* Ability to grow professionally.
* Access to a broad array of client opportunities.

Delta-T Group's mission is to provide cost-effective, reliable, and innovative referral solutions for social services, behavioral health, allied health and special education staffing, for the betterment of those needing care and support.

Title: Math Special EducationTeacher
Class: Education
Ref. No.: 1230505-6
BC: #DTG113

Company: Delta-T Group Virginia, Inc.
Contract Contact: Contract Submit Edu VA
Office Email:
Office Phone: 800-533-8180
Office Address: 1952 Gallows Road, Suite 100, Vienna, VA 22182

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